Can You Spot "Lumiére"?

On exhibit June to September in 2018, Tina's painting "Lumiére" is a proud finalist in the 2017 ModPortrait exhibit at the IAACC Pablo Serrano - Gobierno de Aragón in Zaragoza and the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain! 


Tina's Upcoming Instructional Video Trailer!

Okay, I never expected to make an instructional video, but I've had so many requests, it got harder to say no. I also didn't expect that making this video would be more intimate and difficult than painting a self portrait. The process has been a real eye opener. I hope to share the results with you by December 2018. 


Tina's Kansas City Live Interview

Yes, this is my first television interview! Wow! That was cool!


11th Annual Arc Salon! Can you Spot the Tina Garrett?

It is so exciting to have an award winning painting in the 11th Annual ARC Salon. Works display at the Salmagundi Club in New York City and at the Museum of Modern At Europe (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain. My painting, "City Blues" is an ARC Salon Purchase Award Winner and will remain in the ACR Permanent Collection housed in New Jersey. True fans will know "City Blues" when she appears a couple of times in this video, everyone else can click here to see her and other select past works.  P.S. ARC has since awarded a few of my works and collected two of my paintings and awarded me an ARC Associate Living Master designation.