Scroll below to read the beautiful notes I received from some of my collectors:

"Tango Nights" 50x60 Inches, Oil — Private Collection

"Tango Nights" 50x60 Inches, Oil — Private Collection

"Hi Tina,

We unpackaged "I Love NYC" last night and WOW, what a great painting.

She'll be staying in Colorado!

The more we look at it the more we appreciate your talent and creativity.

The quality and nuances and intricacies of the painting are fantastic;  and the highlighted stiletto heel is just brilliant.

The framing and packaging/shipping and the email communication were also very professional, as were the attention to details, like the fact that it's ready to hang.

We're glad we learned about you in the Southwest Art Magazine's article on Emerging Artists, and were curious as to what you have coming in the near future."

P & K

"Joy. The portrait that you painted for us is pure joy. I love the way the light is on our faces- it takes me back to the beach where we were married. I can almost smell the beach when I look at it. Sometimes I look at the picture and reflect on how much I adore my husband and how wonderful it is to be adored by him.

The night after his heart attack, I came home from the hospital, put the kids to bed and looked at that painting on the, that is what I saw and felt."


"I've collected 3 of Tina's paintings, so far. I'm commissioning another one now. There is always so much emotion in her work. I wish she'd stop painting, I just can't help myself, I have to have them."


"Honestly, if I were to spend that kind of money on clothes, shoes or jewelry my husband would kill me, but when I buy a piece from Tina, he's absolutely tickled pink! P.S. I own 5! Two drawings and three paintings!"


"Tina's work takes my breath. I am lucky enough to have collected a number of her pieces and have placed them in the main living area of my home. I see them each time I relax in the evening or entertain friends. There is no television or computer to distract from Tina's creations. Each time I look at these works I am as moved as if I am seeing them for the very first time. I feel very fortunate to have them in my life."