Two Ways To Own Tina’s Instructional Video:

Painting The Portrait From Photos Selective Start Method features over 5.5 hours of instruction on how to paint from photos.


“I’ve watched the first 30 minutes- this is a master class on painting with photo references. Tina-this is not meant to be flattering (although it is) but to be factual — it is quite easy to become lost in the beauty of your paintings and not realize that you have an equal gift in teaching. Thanks for generously sharing both.” 

Patricia Parker - Michigan 

“I have been glued to my computer watching your amazing video.  I truly love it.  You did a fantastic job Tina. It is so informative.  Watching you during your actual painting brought me right back to your studio — as if I were actually there! I even got to see your cat Walter, lol.  Thank you for doing the video.” 

Jackie Moreno - Pennsylvania 

“Tina, I love your video so much!!! Still watching it at about halfway now. Thank you so much for making it. You inspire me to the point of tears ... truly. Sincerely Thank you!”

Shelly Vandermeulen — Florida