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FIRST BLUSH OF SPRING Hoosier Salon 4-Day Workshop for Beginners

Portraiture Starting Methods for Beginners Workshop/FIRST BLUSH OF SPRING, Indiana

April 29-May 2 / 4-Day Portrait From Life Workshop / 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. CT

"Portraiture Starting Methods for Beginners Workshop"
Medium: Oil
All Levels welcome.

Description:  A portrait workshop using modelsAll levels welcome to participate in this comprehensive study of oil painting starting methods with ARC Associate Living Master, Tina Garrett, including, open grisaille, accurate color wash, and Tina’s favorite, selective start.  Students will gain understanding of form, value, temperature, edges and composition as well as color mixing, as Tina demonstrates how to control your palette for accurate values and color.  Tina will share insights on posing the model, lighting and painting materials.  Tina will demonstrate from the live model each morning and assist artists individually each afternoon and discuss painting from photographs vs. painting from life.


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