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Day 3, Selective Start Demo at  Village Arts of Putney , in Putney Vermont

Day 3, Selective Start Demo at Village Arts of Putney, in Putney Vermont

Student Testimonials:

Here is what artists think of Tina's workshops...

“The most informative workshop I've been to. You're the most 'giving you all I've got' artist/teacher I've known — and your honesty is a virtue that is so important to me! I have been in a painting slump for a few months and much of what you said really encouraged me, now I'm very inspired and motivated to go home and DO THE WORK!”  — Debi Murray, Indiana

“I can't express how wonderful it is to have an artist who is so capable of simplifying techniques into an understandable format. You are an amazing artist and an incredible teacher. I learned so much! Thank you Tina!”  — Terri Horner, Kansas

“Thank you for such an informative and enjoyable workshop. You have a lovely way of explaining large, complex concepts in a common sense way that makes them easy to both remember and implement. One of the best workshops I have ever attended.”   — Jennifer Behymer, Boston

“I love your energy and your kindness. Thank you for encouraging us to do our best. Thanks for taking extra time on lunch and breaks to give us hints and tips and answering questions. Can't wait, and hope to make it to Tuscany [in 2017 to paint with you again]!”   — Jenny Hambleton, Salt Lake City, UT

“Of all the workshops I have attended, I feel that this one made the largest and quickest influence in my work. At the end of day two, I felt that the small 4 inch section of a face I had done was the best work I've ever done! Thank you Tina, for your expertise, your generosity in sharing that with us and for your amazing heart” — D.H., Texas

“In no other workshop have I learned so much! Tina, you were personable, you made it easy to explain and follow your demonstrations. I liked the time you spent with me helping me and showing me how important values are and teaching me point-to-point measuring. I got so much information from you and am so excited to practice at home now. I would take another workshop with you...I enjoyed every minute of this workshop! Not only are you an amazing artist, but also a wonderful person and a great teacher. Thank you!” — Cindy Bradley, Ocala, Florida

“Tina is such an incredible, talented and kind instructor! She was always patient and very kind but had really good control over the class and was just PERFECT! She taught me so much about technique, artistic quality and painting what I love! She taught exactly what the workshop description said and pack in so much amazing knowledge for each technique. I can't wait to take her workshop again in the future!!! FIVE STARS! She was perfect!”    
—  Kate Orr, Indiana

“You are inspiring, articulate, warm and welcoming. Your methods are doable for even beginning students, but the inspiration you give is the greatest gift.” 
— Pam Newell, Indiana

“Really Tina is an excellent teacher! Gave me info I have never heard before and then helped us implement it so we could use in the rest of our painting life! She is infinitely patient and very kind.” — Linn Bower, Vermont

“This is by far the BEST workshop I have attended! Tina is so willing to share!”  — Cindy Cradler, Indiana

“Tina, I have had very limited instruction but by far and away you are the best instructor. Your gentleness, generosity & encouragement have meant so much to me. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have met you and taken your workshop.” — C.C., Louisville, KY

“Thank you Tina! The class was wonderful and the learning environment superb. You are so kind and your guidance perfectly designed for constructive learning. I had a terrific time! I think anyone with a little natural talent is doing themselves a disservice by not attending your class!”
— Joanne Chapman, Salt Lake City, UT

“Tina gave us valuable information, she made me feel like it was okay to not make a masterpiece during the workshop. I didn't even want to go to the restroom because I didn't want to miss anything!” — E.G., Missouri

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Tina was a very patient and offered a world of knowledge. She explained things in a way that helped me understand without undermining any other point of view.” Thank you Tina! — Marla Duggins, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Thank you for caring for every person of every level. You were clear and succinct in your comments, instruction and I loved how you asked questions to rephrase the info if we were unclear, so all benefited. Thank you for caring for all the artists and sharing so much information so generously.”  — Hewook Lee, Indiana

“What a comprehensive workshop! Valuable information presented in a logical fashion. Some artists can teach and some artists can't teach. Tina can paint AND teach.” — D.B., Missouri

“This is by far the best workshop I have taken. Thank you Tina for sharing your knowledge and love of art. I am leaving with more confidence in painting portraits. So grateful for this opportunity to study with you!” 
— Nancy Galvin, Maryland

“Excellent, concise instruction. Tina holds nothing back and will find some way to help "you" understand. Her enthusiasm is infectious.” — S.H., Missouri

“Tina is an extraordinary artist! She is open and honest about her methods and approaches to her work. I found her comments and direction during the workshop very helpful to me.”   — Rose Moore, Rio, IL

“What an absolute pleasure it was to see a great artist at work. I am an artist myself — I am a concert Violinist — and I truly appreciate being in the presence of those who know their craft. My life is enriched by this experience and I have learned a potential new passion. This experience will add to my life, my art and my music. Thank you!” — Benjamin Robinson, UT

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I learned so much at this workshop! You gave so many valuable tips and answered all my questions. I love the way you taught by demonstrating! I learned so much just being able to watch you paint. You are a wonderful artist and an inspiration to me.” — Amy Van Fossen, IA

“Exactly what I needed and wanted. You took the initial fear away and replaced it with excitement and challenge and I will truly enjoy my next steps! Thank you!”  — Jenny Huttler, Maryland

“It pushed me to a higher level than I could imagine. Thanks for helping me keep the values accurate it has always been a challenge for me.” — Pat Deeter, Lee's Summit, MO

“Demonstrations for me are the best way I absorb information on the painting process. Although I worked in acrylic, I found all the information given easily adaptable to all mediums, especially in terms of color mixing. Thank you for your generosity in your style of teaching.” — Brad Bisbey, IA

“Tina, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to attend your amazing workshop. Your warm, cheerful demeanor and refreshingly genuine personality made these past three days an absolute pleasure. The techniques and tricks, on how to handle oil paint , as well as how to achieve beautiful, rich skin tones will forever be implemented into my process. I very much appreciated the insights and wisdom on the difference between P.R. and marketing, on getting our artwork out there for potential collectors and clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” Dean Larsen — UT

“Tina is very knowledgeable and insightful. She has a way of looking at a painting and problem solving in the simplest way.” — Shrina Baumann, UT

“I really appreciate Tina’s method of instruction helping me push outside my painting habits but keeping me from getting lost in the new knowledge. Some artists take classes that just don’t work for them. They may be frustrated and even give up painting all together. No matter where you are in your artistic journey, Tina will share with you what she has learned from master painters and you might just think twice!” — Glenn Adams, Blue Springs, MO

“Thank you for sharing your abundant knowledge and being so upbeat and kind. I appreciate all the encouragement you gave me and helping me feel more confident. Your methods are new to me and I was a little nervous at times as to how well I would be able to work and accomplish the assignments. Your demos are very helpful and it was great to be ale to refer to your painting when I needed to refresh my memory. I'm looking forward to incorporating things I've learned into the work I'm doing now and becoming a better artist and teacher. I wish you well . I'm so happy to have been able to know you , to learn and to work with you in the future.”     — Theresa Otteson, Salt Lake City, UT

“Tina is so cooperative and supportive to all of her students. I have learned so much in the past few days due to her insights and knowledge. Her workshops accommodate to people of all ages and levels!” —  Grace Lee, Salt Lake City, UT

“Tina, your workshops and lessons are the best! You are a WONDERFUL teacher as well as the greatest artist.Your warmth and generosity come through every moment. It is a lift to the spirit to be around you, not to mention your talents. Can’t say enough! — Barbara Morris, MO

“ I just love being around your positive energy and you are so patient and concrete in explaining the process. I cannot help but improve with your guidance and instruction. Looking forward to your video! — Michelle Murdock, Omaha, NE

“Tina, you have such a generous spirit and delicious laugh! Of course I didn’t know this when we signed up — only that I thought your work was amazing. Sophie and I have learned so much these 3 days and look forward to another class of yours next year! Thank you for all your enthusiastic support! — Cynthia Chandler, Leawood, KS

“This has been a wonderful learning experience to rekindle the joy of painting and learning. I have been so traumatized by my university professor that I haven’t painted in two years. I am always encouraged by Tina and am excited to keep learning and practicing. It is nice to have that excitement and support from Tina. All her information is explained and in a language I can understand.” Martha Miller — Kansas City, MO