Private Painting or Drawing Lesson


Private Painting or Drawing Lesson


Tina offers Private Lessons in Drawing or Painting to adults and teens of all levels in charcoal, pastel, and oil. New artists can request to have all art supplies provided for a fee. All equipment (including easels and side tables) is provided. 

Private lessons are sold in two-hour sessions You may purchase multiple lessons so we may work together for 2, 4 or 6 hours over 1, 2 or 3 days within a week. 

Online lessons are available via Skype or Google Chat for artists unable to travel to Tina's studio or workshops. 

Portrait and Figure Model Fees apply for in-studio lessons. Figure models need two or more weeks advance scheduling notice and students must pay the model directly. Model fees are due for canceled or missed lessons. A model for portraiture is an additional $10 per hour, figure models are $20 per hour. You are responsible to pay for your model and lesson fees even if you cancel. 

Lessons are scheduled first-come into available calendar spots which will be confirmed via e-mail. Tina gives just 1 to 6 private lessons per month. Advance purchase is permitted. However, Note: There are no refunds for lessons canceled or missed.

Lessons from photographs or still life set up are available, however painting from life whenever possible, is strongly recommend. 

Purchase a Gift Certificate for Lessons It is easy to purchase a lesson or two (or however many you'd like) as a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a loved one (or yourself!) Simply make your purchase and in the "NOTES" section of the purchase let me know this purchase is for a GIFT CERTIFICATE and the name of the recipient. You will receive a .pdf of your GIFT CERTIFICATE and a supply list along with your purchase receipt.  Dates to hold the lesson are easily scheduled by the recipient.  Feel free to call me if you have questions: 816-739-5508

**NOTE: Long-term oil painting students are required to purchase Alla Prima II by artist and author Richard Schmid.


To claim your spot, click purchase below, and in the "Additional Information" section, specify the date/time you have chosen from the above calendar choices.


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Student Testimonials:

"I have taken a few art lessons over the years, but have no formal training.  Every time I approached my easel I would dread the struggle and frustration that would come, because I was so confused.  I called Tina and arranged to take private lessons via the internet.  Seven months later I can hardly wait to get to the easel.  I have so much more confidence because I have had skill instruction.  I learned about drawing, values, color theory, how to mix paint, brush strokes, edges, composition, choosing the right materials, and especially, I learned to find the joy in my artwork.  These lessons were the best investment I have ever made."     — Marcy Roth, Arizona

"I enjoyed my individual lessons sooo much that I will be attending workshops and group lessons as soon as possible! Tina is a great teacher as well as a wonderfully talented artist. I feel so privileged that she generously shares her wealth of expertise, her comfortable space, and her inspiring passion for painting!"   — Dot Charest, Kansas

"Of all the workshops I have attended, I feel that this one made the largest and quickest influence in my work. At the end of day two, I felt that the small 4 inch section of a face I had done was the best work I've ever done! Thank you Tina, for your expertise, your generosity in sharing that with us and for your amazing heart"  — D.H., Texas

"Tina gave us valuable information, she made me feel like it was okay to not make a masterpiece during the workshop. I didn't even want to go to the restroom because I didn't want to miss anything!" — E.G., Missouri