Private Painting Lesson


Private Painting Lesson


Tina offers Private Lessons Painting to adults and teens of all levels in oil painting. Artists traveling can request to have all art supplies provided for a fee. All equipment (including easels and side tables) is provided. 

Private lessons are sold in three-hour sessions You may purchase multiple lessons so we may work together up to 6 hours in one day or over multiple days.

Portrait and Figure Model Fees apply for in-studio lessons not from photos. Figure models need two or more weeks advance scheduling notice and students must pay the model directly. Model fees are due for canceled or missed lessons. A model for portraiture is an additional $10 per hour, figure models are $20 per hour. You are responsible to pay for your model and lesson fees even if you cancel. 

Lessons from photographs or still life set up are available, however painting from life whenever possible, is strongly recommend. 

Lessons are scheduled first-come into available calendar spots which will be confirmed via e-mail. Tina gives just 1 to 2 private lessons per month. Advance purchase is permitted. However, Note: There are no refunds for lessons canceled or missed.

**NOTE: Long-term oil painting students are required to purchase Alla Prima II by artist and author Richard Schmid.

To claim your spot, click purchase below, and in the "Additional Information" section, please type the calendar date that you have previously arranged with Tina. Call 816-739-5508 to arrange a calendar date for your private lesson.

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"I have attended one of Tina's workshops and have taken several private lessons. Her artistic talent is equal to her passion for teaching. She loves sharing her knowledge and helping her students develop their talents.  Her teaching methods are simplified and help you solve common art errors that may occur in your projects. I have learned so many valuable lessons from her and refer to my notes often.  She is such a genuine and humble artist and teacher and I am so thankful for all the energy she invests into helping her students create beautiful art.  Thank You Tina!" — E.S. Texas