Mentorship Hour

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Mentorship Hour


Artists in need of critiques, specific painting or drawing technique education, mentorship for artistic and career development and advice, this is the best option for you. In these confidential conversations, Tina will help you solve the problems in your painting and business habits that have kept you static and encourage you in making brave new strides in your work. 

Mentorship is available by application to a very limited group of artists. No matter where in the world you are located, each hour discussion is done via Skype. This special arrangement allows Tina to use specific tools and apps to visually demonstrate each lesson on your computer screen so you can screen shot and save and reuse your lessons for your convenience.

Mentorships are only offered to Tina's students who's work and work ethic shows potential. Mentorship hours are available by appointment and are most affective when purchased for three consecutive months or more. 

To secure one of these limited spots, click "PURCHASE" below and buy an hour or more. Each hour is $150. A minimum of three one-hour sessions is recommended, used over three months. (See Etiquette below) 

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Mentorship Etiquette:

First, Mentorship is not the same as a private painting lesson. In Mentorship, both the artist and Tina are investing in the development of the artists work and career habits. While specific techniques, materials and methods are discussed, Tina offers each artists a customized and intimate guidance on the overall body of work, online presence and business and work habits. 

Tina chooses a limited number of artists to mentor annually. Mentees drive the pace and progress of their mentorship based on the time and seriousness by which they invest in their own work. Tina will continue to invite mentees who's appear to be most invested in their own learning and progress. 

Mentees should purchase a minimum of three hours and commit to a minimum of one hour each month for three months OR one hour every two months for 6 months. Both of these options are the same price, they are the same amount of time with Tina, they are just spread out for those needing a slower pace. 

You may be mentored for as many months as is practical and affordable to you and for as long as Tina feels she can be affective in your artistic growth. You may discontinue mentorship at anytime. 

Mentees should coordinate a Mentorship Hour with Tina that is scheduled at a time easy to commit to and keep and be prepared to do as much of the recommended work as possible. (There is no refund or rescheduling for missed appointments.) 

If requested, Mentorship can be kept confidential, however, Tina happily sings the praises of the great teachers who have shaped her art and business and is thrilled when you tell other artists about your experience as Tina’s student or mentee.