Detail: MR C. at Work, Commissioned portrait

Detail: MR C. at Work, Commissioned portrait


"The Teacher"

This is an 'in progress' photo of one of Tina's recent commissioned paintings and a note about the approval process:
When my collector came to the studio to see the portrait he stood in front of the painting silently for what seemed like a really long time. I stepped just outside the door and began to nervously fidget with the chairs at the table in the adjacent room, then walked back in to face the music. He turned to me with wet eyes and said, "You did it Tina, you really did."



"My Fabulous Older Sister, & Me.

This portrait of a brother and his saucy older sister is indicative of the unique and interesting portraiture Tina loves to paint.
20x30 Oil on canvas, Private Collection

So your thinking about asking Tina to paint something special, just for you?

Here's how it works: To discover the focus and vision for your portrait project, Tina will gather visual information about your portrait through conversation and either photography, color sketches from life, and/or video. As a portrait artist, Tina can paint completely from life, if the subject is capable of posing, and Tina can paint from her own photo and video references. To paint a portrait as a surprise gift, working from your own photography is sometimes possible. Pricing is simple and upfront, and Tina accepts all major credit cards. A 50% deposit secures your spot on Tina's commissioned portrait schedule.  

Get your portrait started: Your custom portrait is created especially for you. Many styles, sizes and wide varieties of pricing options are available to fit your needs including smaller works, oil painting sketches, single color works and more. The time a commissioned portrait painting takes and the process used depends greatly on the scope of the work. Scheduling a meeting at Tina's studio, via telephone or video chat is the first step to beginning your portrait project. Once Tina has a full understanding of your portrait project, simple, upfront pricing and potential delivery dates will be given.

One simple and upfront fee includes the following:

1. Your one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality portrait.
2. Framing to Tina's taste so your work is ready to hang the day it arrives. 
Custom AirFloat System packaging is included for safe delivery of works requiring shipping.
Free, local, hand delivery or shipping within the continental U.S. is included.  
5. Gift wrap and personal note are available upon request.

Click here to schedule a meeting or simply give Tina a call today!
Tina is looking forward to hearing from you! Feel free to email or just call 816-739-5508.

 "The Teacher" 34x28 Oil — Commissioned Portrait and 13th Annual ARC Salon Finalist 

"The Teacher" 34x28 Oil — Commissioned Portrait and 13th Annual ARC Salon Finalist