I have to tell you this "If You Knew Me, You'd Understand" Story...

Some wonderful and well connected artist friends have been e-mailing Michelle Dunaway, one of today's leading female artists, on my behalf, to ask her if she would pretty please come teach here in Kansas City. Well, way back in April I was at the Portrait Society Annual Conference in Washington D.C., at dinner with these friends and they asked me if I would like to ride with them from KC to Oklahoma City in June for the Prix de West Art Exhibit at the National Cowboy and Western Museum. I bowed out. Though I'd never been to Prix de West before, I have already taken 4 art-related trips since January. But around mid June I was feeling like I was missing something really awesome. So I asked Adam if there was any way we could swing it. He said yes, of course, because he'd give me the moon if I asked, and we drove 8 hours round trip just to spend 2 hours at Prix de West.

Scott Burdick's, Susan Lyon, Jeremy Lipking and Brent Cotton's beautiful work at Prix de West

I was awed by the art and surprised that the artists who created them were all there!!! Like Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon and Brent Cotton! Yes, the rock stars of my little art world were meeting and greeting folks as they showed their work. I met so many wonderful and generous artists. It was a beautiful day. I lingered repeatedly in front of the Jeremy Lipking work just aching to meet him in person but to no avail. So finally I stepped into the ladies room to get myself ready to get back into the car for the long ride home. As I washed my hands you will never guess who I saw out of my peripheral vision... Well, if you knew me well you'd understand what happened next. 

I stuttered covering my face and skipping in place, "YOU, you're Michelle Dunaway!! Your work is amazing, other worldly, absolute divinity. I've been trying to reach you to invite you to come teach at my space just outside of Kansas City. How am I finding you in the ladies room at the Prix de West? You don't have any work in this show?"

Michelle hugged me, multiple times, clearly trying to calm me down. Gave me her phone so I could put my contact info in and said she'd call me when she gets back from her painting trip in Alaska. And as if to push me over the edge, she offers to take me right then to introduce me to none other than Jeremy Lipking. "No. No thank you", I said, "I think I'll go home now before I pass out."

P.S. Just a few weeks later...I get to meet Jeremy Lipking after all!!!!! He is now offering a one day workshop, one Saturday a month and I just happen to be in Cali just in time to take his first one! Yay!!! I'll post pics. :)